Lighting Your Herb With A Soldering Iron- An Introduction, Tutorial, and Review

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  1. ugh!!! is the ceramic tip thing a actually attachment to the soldering iron itself? Like the needles that yyou can buy to swap em out? Or is it part of the soldering iron itself, that i'd have to unvail by unscrewing stuff?

    I'm confused with this. I just bought a 40watt soldering iron from radioshack..
    can't find any ceramic tips for it... so this is why i ask if you have to unscrew it or somethin.

    please help me!
  2. IF the soldering iron you bought has a ceramic tip, it would be UNDER the metal tip. But there may not be a ceramic tip under there at all if you didnt purchase the correct soldering iron.

  3. hhhmmm... i'm not sure. what do i do? just pull off the tip of it or somethin?

    blehhh. i'll just go to sears or somethin and see or ask.
    maybe even go to the headshop and ask (if they do know how to use one)
  4. go to the frys website and search for hakko, i've heard the 25 watt 454 model also works well and its cheaper
  5. im pretty sure that doesnt have a ceramic element plus the minimum temp is 850oF and yuo only need around 400
  6. I use this $3.95

    works great, taste better and gets you higher.
  7. I just got my hakko in on Wednesday, and I absolutely love it!!
  8. i just bought Xytronic Lead Free Soldering Station and im trying to make sure this one will work and i believe it has a ceramic tip, can any one help me if i bought the correct one.
  9. Sticky!!!!

    I just bought an hurb iorn and its amazing. heats up in about 8 to 10 secs i love it.
  10. hakko

    youre not going to find them much cheaper.
  11. Where can i buy a holder and set up like the one he has? Im probably gonna use the link above for the solder unit but the set up he has in the photos looks amazing and keeps things organized.
  12. So are you new to the internet altogether or just grass city?;)
    just google the brand name " XYTronic" and the model AUTO-TEMP 379

    seems it is a discontinued product but another version can be found on ebay.
  13. Aaaaah the first pages reminded me of some blades i haven't seen around in a while,
    Im really diggin this shit,wills sheck it out for sho

  14. That wouldn't be bad, but its for the 25watter... I wonder what the difference will be?
  15. So i got a Tenma 25watt ceramic soldering iron and took it apart and found the ceramic part. it claims to get to 575 degrees but no matter how long i wait the iron never gets red hot or burns anything. any tips or did i just buy the wrong one?
  16. That sounds amazing, i really wanna try this.
    I own a pretty cheap soldering iron, but how do i know if its ceramic or not?
  17. Probably just pull the damn thing apart and check for the ceramic element. That's what I plan to do when I get home.
  18. So, after reading this no one has answered the question: Do you need to unscrew something from the top of the hakko?

    First off, you cannot as far as I have seen buy a hakko without a metal tip.
    Second, in the photo of the hakko tip up close, there are exposed threads, suggesting something has been removed.

    So I have come to the conclusion, though I am not certain, that hakko's must have the metal tip removed to expose the heating element.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

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