Lighting Your Herb With A Soldering Iron- An Introduction, Tutorial, and Review

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by trikky, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Fry's not Home Depot ;)
  2. This is what I use now... and it works great.


    A tip is supposed to go on the end to make it a soldering iron, though without the tip, it blows hot air at about 400F, a little less if you are not right on top of the blower. This gives you the perfect temp for vaporizing... And it works very well (I vape with my spoon)
  3. Well, I actually thought about that when I bought it and discussed it with the owner of the shop I bought it in. The "brillo pad" is really a bunched up strips of brass that the place who installed the unit that holds it and the "break up tray" made these "brillo pads" uncoated brass, so no fumes. However, I elected to torch it with a blowtorch to make sure it didn't have shit on it. That being said, it's unlikely that any fumes that did come off of it would be inhaled as your face is already in the bong. The brillo pad is nice, espcially with peopel who aren't great at it, because it's much easier to wipe it off on there.
    No problem, my man.
    It took a while. I had to really think the process through, trying to look at it as if I had no idea what it was. I definitely suggest picking one up, but as hpidriver said, it's more readily available at Fry's Electronics rather than Home Depot. But most readily available online.
  4. Lol I didn't even finish my post before pressing enter, haha. That's cool then, I wasn't sure who made the brass strips, because the Hakko brand ones are coated (even though its a very tiny fraction)
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    I don't have a soldering iron myself but I like the concept. I use a glowrod/gweebo. Its a glass wand you heat with a torch then use the heated wand to light the herb. Have you tried a glowrod before? I only ask since I like the soldering irons but didn't think about buying one seriously until I saw yours seems to have a temp control. That could be nice for vaping since its a tad harder to tell the temp of the glass. You can see my wand and torche in the picture of my tube linked in my sig but I figure you have enough glass you would know what I am talking about. Do you like the soldering iron a lot more?
  6. I have used the glowrod before, but I find that the three distinct advantages to the soldering iron are A) The temperature control (as you mentioned). B) It heats up and cools down more rapidly, and C) There is no open flame involved, thus lowering the safety hazard.

    Different strokes for different folks, right?
  7. ahhh wish i could rep you again! i have a soldering iron, but not with a ceramic tip, so im guessing its not good to use this?

    the only other thing i have is my vape, which i have used to light my joints indoors but i'd look like an idiot if i picked up the whole box to light a bowl lol
  8. Hehe yuppers :D

    I realize there being no flame with the iron it is safer but I passed it off to never needing electricity. Honestly safer is a plus though. But I didn't know they cool down faster. That combined with the temperature control and I think I found another toy I need to buy. Thanks for the reply. Id +rep you but I cant again so soon lol.
  9. Nope, ceramic tip only
    Glad I could help.
  10. i cant wait to try this and im gettin a quarter of dank later tonite
  11. Can you use this to light J's and blunts too?

    That would be kinda cool looking, it'd be like a magic wand lighting my cones! Haha...

  12. I am sure you can, I would think it would be like lighting a joint with car lighter.
  13. Nice write-up, but I'm not too crazy about the idea. I burn myself all the time when I use soldering irons while sober, so I'd be a scared to use it when I'm completely fucked up. Also it just seems too inconvient, but I'm sure you smoke a lot differently than me (staying in one place everytime and not too many people).
  14. this is makin me wanna get a soldering iron. Do they have good battery powered ones?
  15. I wonder how many fires this has caused, lol.
  16. Not currently... Though it is possibly with a pretty large battery... We're talking like battery powered toaster here though.... You need like a car battery :p

    Speaking of battery powered toasters... I have some Heavy Gauge Nickle Chromium (NiChrome) wire lying around somewhere... If I tightly wrapped that into something ceramic it may work just as well off of 9-18v (one to two 9v)...
  17. anyone else having a tough time finding one? i cant seem to find a 60w with a ceramic tip
  18. is it a big deal if i dont have a ceramic tip?
  19. my inlaws have a battery one, it runs on A batteries. No ceramic tip though : (
  20. Nice guide trikky, ive been thinkin of pickin one up.
    Now i want one even more.

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