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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jharris1245, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. I have a tight grow space. I recently bought a used 1000w hps on a whim and now realize it has 4 inch duct vents. Would you guys recommend getting a 6 inch fan and adaptor or will a 4 inch 200 cfm fan be adequate. I would worry the adapter will constrict air flow enough to cause excessive noise. Ps, I plan on buying a vent fan NOT an inline fan booster. Any advice?
  2. It would be OK with a 4 inch mate but with 1000w HPS - A 6 inch would be better !!!! I use a 6inch exhaust (take the heat out nicely) and 4 inch intake to keep good negative pressure in the tent..Good luck
  3. I only have 4 inch holes on my reflector. Would using a 6" fan and reducer be any better than the 4" fan or would it just be louder?
  4. It may be more powerful with the 6 inch but if you only have a small tent/grow space, it's prob not needed! i would use the 4 inch and just a passive intake :) Sorted.
  5. If I have a 1000w bulb in a small room, wouldn't I need more fan strength? My goal is to make sure I don't have any house fires. My ballast says it turns off at high temperatures but I don't want to find out if it works or not. This is my first hid lamp and I can't believe how much heat this thing generates
  6. Yeah they do mate - Which works for my set up but like i said mate, if your grow space is small, the 6 inch would remove heat faster (be more efficient) but the 4inch would work also. I wouldn't worry about fires, it would be highly unlikely.
    Depending on your temps in your grow space - That should dictate what fan you use - I have a small tent (outside in a shed) and i use the 6 inch in the summer and 4 inch in the winter :)
  7. Thank you, that is a little reassuring. I just want to be able to hang it within 6" of my ceiling without starting a fire. I think I will keep an eye on it the first few times I turn it on just as a precaution though. Thanks again for the quick replys

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