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  1. Hey guys,
    I was wondering if someone could help me out here.

    This is my issue:
    I have a 6" Air cooled Hood with a brand new 1000w Hortilux HPS bulb in there. Being ran by a 1000w Dimmable Lumatek Ballast. The light will run perfectly on the timer for a few days then just stop working. I usually reset the timer and it starts working for consecutive days again. Now I am onto the problem of the ballast is firing up but now we get no light.....
    Can my hood be crapped out? As far as the socket and cord? Im no electrician!
    The light bulb is brand new, other things work in the socket and the ballast is turning on. By process of elimination it leads me to believe the hood is the problem!

    Anyone have any experience with this?
  2. This is a total guess here since the equipment isn't sitting in front of me and I can't see your issue first hand, but it sounds to me like you have a bad connection in there somewhere. The only way to figure it out is to find an electrician with a meter who can sit there and run the points on it and figure out if and where it's losing connection.

    As far as timers.....When I first started out, I had a God awful time with timers. I bet I bought 10 different brands and never did find one that would stand up to the regular abuse and use that ones working a grow room have to. I finally just bought a timeclock from the electrical supply store and had hubs build me a timer. That took care of that. Haven't had one issue in that department in years. Luckily, I am married to a master electrician who can do or fix just about anything. I can't tell you how many times his knowledge has saved my butt with this grow. LOL Just know that the average timer you can buy at a big box store most likely isn't going to last for very long. It's not such a huge deal during veg, but can really screw up your world once you flip the lights for flower....unless you're trying to grow males. LOL

    I would find someone with the knowledge to look over the light and replace the timer...just to be safe. If I knew you and you were close, I would get my hubby to do it for you. But that's a whole lot of "if's." LOL Good luck. Hope you get it all figured out without too much trouble. TWW
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  3. Did you allow your ballast to cool down thirty minutes before starting it again when your timer fucks up?

    That will kill it or the bulb. And your timer sounds like junk. It has zero to do with your ballast why it was shutting down.

    What timer? You know not all are made for 1000w.. My hydrofarm is rated at 1760w. Im at 1760w. i just thought about that. Hmmm... And my fans plugged in. Your thread just made me think of something. Thanks!

    Hope your problem gets fixed
  4. I am really thinking it is the hood and/or wire part of the hood through process of elimination. I don't believe it to be the timer because there are plenty of days when the timer works. It has also happened on two other timers. It's not the bulb because the bulb works, period. I don't believe it to be the ballast because it just fired up last time I tried it out.

    Has anyone ever ran into the problem of their air cooled hoods crapping the bed?
    I am about 90% sure that is the problem.
  5. I dont think you or I understand whats going on. The hood. has zero effect on power.

    Your hood is not the issue. Your mogul socket maybe? Is not wired correctly or has come apart. But your hood. Cannot do anything. Its a hood. Your mogul socket or bulb is out.

    Why don't you bring the ballast and try it with another mogul, same bulb, then switch and see. process of elimination. But your hood. Is a piece of metal. It doesn't function in ANY way part of the electrical circuit..............................Mogul - Bulb - Ballast. You say ballast works. Then its the bulb or mogul. Try another bulb. Then try another mogul.
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    By hood I mean the socket piece attached to the hood. The piece that plugs into the ballast. Which I am guessing is the mogul socket.
  7. So I went and bought a new Mogul socket today. Installed it and light is on. We will see how it goes and if it works out! I appreciate your input MM. Always a great community here!!!

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