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  1. Hello All,

    I'm Todd, A newbie cannabis cultivator.......

    I Have a 5x5x8 grow tent with a 900w marshydro LED, charcoal filter with inline fan.(albeit, 12x48" Phresh filter-vertical mount. Just need to reduce ventilation ducting from 12-10-6" . Many of the top of the line advanced nutrients. I'm also planning to go FOX FARM soil. I want to use organic mostly. I've heard for feeding a rule of thumbs is once a week. Soil ph as close to 6. A little sketchy on the ppm, any advice there. & I want to use an organic pest control product, I found "green cleaner".

    I intend to even take cuttings for a clone grow, but I'm planning to use a tall portable greenhouse for that. And another for drying & curing. Anything I'm missing? I am also intending to top, and lollipop my plants for more yield.

    I plan on transplanting clones into 3 gallon containers then one more time to 5 gallon containers.


    Would 4 large plants of medium grow height "work" under a 900w mars hydro!(56-60 weeks of flowering and decent yields. )
    Thinking of these strains:


    Sour OG


    Skunk #1

    Any thoughts?!!!!


  2. I would check with Mars to see what the TRUE Wattage Draw is..900w equiv in "Mars Speak" might be 400w true..
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  3. That light pulls 364 watts out of the wall and only covers a flower footprint of 3.5 x 3.5. Two plants but not 4 large plants under that light. If you want to maximize your light and yield, I suggest a scrog.
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  4. HahHah..I was a bit Generous, wasn't I..??
    @MickFoster knows for sure!!;)
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  5. Thanks! That's a good point
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