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Lighting tip of pipe before hit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rastafurry, May 19, 2010.

  1. So at my friends house today, there was 4 of us smoking ou of my friends glass pipe, which is like 16 inches long. The bowl was so huge you could fit a whole dime in it, but anywaysss i passed it to my other friend, A, and every time he hit it he put the lighter over part where you inhale from and held the flame there for like 3 seconds.

    Ive never seen this before, but it does kinda explain the yellow tint (Stain, i cant get it out =[) i have around the mouth piece of one of my glass bowls i bought, that was used.

    I didnt wanna be rude and be like "What the fuck are you doing?", so i just forgot about it. But now im curious as to why he does this, is it his personal preference, or does anyone else do this to serve some sort of purpose?
  2. hes probably trying to sterilize it or drying it if someones lipping it

    this isnt necessary, unless someones lipping it in which case this and a smack to the mouth are necessary

  3. We wernt lipping it, we were all quite experienced smokers. But this does make sense, this dude is a germaphobe like mad, he never lets anyone swig off his drink or even smoke off his square or anything.

    Anyother uses for this lighting tip thing this guy does though?

  4. Most likely
  5. I've known people to put their mouth over the bowl and light the other end so that they burn the resin right by the mouth piece.

  6. Thats fucking gross man :bolt:
  7. Hes cleaning it, fire to kill the germs

    edit: way late rofl, but yeah, probably cleaning it
  8. ive seen people do this. only once actually. it was this girl me and my brother and his firneds were smoking with. i could tell everyone thought it was a lil weird but i didnt care enough to say anything.
  9. My friends and I do this if one of us has a cold, or if we happen to lip it by accident. I actually appreciate it when people do this if they've lipped it, as opposed to handing me a bowl covered in slobber.

  10. Didn't say I did it. I just know people that have, and yes they were high, but it works. I guess. :confused_2:
  11. lol that's funny you posted this; I do it. All the more since a little over a month ago, after catching the worst cough and cold of my life from letting people hit my glass.
  12. I do this a lot actually but mostly when i smoke with people i'm not close with or when someone is sick, and even during flu season and at concerts/parties if pieces are being passed around. The first time i smoked i hit a bunch of random peoples pipes and joints and the next night i had a 103* fever and strep throat :(. You have no idea what germs someone may have and its better to be safe than spending three days in bed wishing i could remove my throat to stop the burning
  13. I rarely see anyone doin that.
    Well wit the people I smoke with at least.

    All we care bout is gettin stoned.
  14. I see people do it a lot and it cleans and/or steralizes the mouth piece of the bowl. I do it sometimes just to stop and take everything in for a second and to just make sure the bowl wasn't slobbered on.

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