Lighting tip of bong. Kills germs?

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  1. I am a little of a germaphobe and dont like it when other people use my bong. However there are times at parties and stuff where i need to share. After my friend takes a hit, does it kill the germs if i use my lighter and burn the edges of the top of the bong where you put your mouth?
  2. It should if you leave your lighter there for a decent amount of time.

    I'm the same way as you, I only smoke with my closest friends just because I wouldn't trust letting someone i don't know well use my bowl
  3. I had a friend that did this every now and then, I thought he was tring to light the bong on fire! but i figured out that after a while it was to sterlize the bong so he dosnt get sick - hahaha!
  4. it was kinda gross but i had a cold sore a couple weeks ago and was sharin my bong with friends.. but we would each take personal bowls, every time after i hit it i would clean the mouth peice with 93% achohol.. seems steril to me =\
  5. Soaking a rag in 91% ISO alcohol, and then rubbing it on the mouth piece would suffice. Plus then you wouldn't look stupid using it.

    I would probably laugh at someone if they honestly lighter'd the mouthpiece of some glass cause of some germs.
  6. Go to a music store (one that sells brass and woodwind) and buy mouthpiece staralizer. It's just a little spray bottle. I know someone like you guys =P
  7. get the Alcohol towlettes
  8. let me put it this way, if one of us get sick, we all 3 get sick
  9. i always do that, as do a lot of people do it around here. H1N1 is a bitch.
  10. I should correct myself. There is a point where I will clean my piece before using it after someone else. But on an average hit, I won't.
  11. I only light the end of a bowl whenever someone n*gg*r lips it or has a messed up a grill. Are you telling me that lighting the end of your bowl won't kill the bacteria from someone elses mouth? Name one thing organically that's resistant to fire. It definitely kills the germs and gets rid of saliva. Take it this way...what's the worst that can happen?

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