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  1. hey its my first grow and i need help,i need to know the lighting times from when they are 5 in to whenever they are finishe and i need to know how for tut the light away from the plant ,HELP
  2. hey i know some of u all got some answers, i need help on this ,comon
  3. Well first off you should really read some of the grow guides on this site and use the search button before asking overly simple questions just as this. Just something to think about for the future.

    To answer your questions though, there are two phases of the plants life. You have veg and flowering. Veg is when your plant is simply going to be growing, bigger and bigger and bigger.... and so forth. The size of the plant is a determining factor for how much bud you will yield. For this phase you will want to keep your plants on either 24/0 or 18/6(meaning 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness)or anything in-between, which you use is up to you.

    Once your plant is at the size you desire switch the lights to 12/12 meaning 12 hours on 12 hours off this will trigger flowering. You will keep your plants under for the rest of their lives. Remember during flowering a plant can stretch to three times its height it was during veg(Most will just double in height). So don't veg a monster plant if you don't have the room.

    As far as how close the lights can be that’s hard to know with out knowing what kind of lights your using. If your using cfls or floros then they can be 2-4 inchs away. If you have a hid lighting system it will have to be father away. Based on how well you can control the temp in the room. A good rule of thumb for light distance is this; place your hand directly over the plant in the direct path of the light. If its to hot to comfortably keep your hand there then you need to back the light up. Hope this helps.
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  4. I can't really understand your question, the typos make it unclear. And to be honest, I think you need more patience than to scold members of this forum for not responding to you within less than two hours.
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  5. You could of easily found this information by taking a min or two to SEARCH. If your using an hps, use 18/6 until they are ready to be flowered, when you want to switch to flowering switch to 12/12 until they are finished and ready to be harvested. If you are using floro's you can use 24/0 or 18/6 for vegging and 12/12 for flowering. Although, personally i don't like using 24/0 during vegging i just stick to 18/6.
  6. 10 years baby

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  7. In order to grow this stuff and be successful, you have to figure out two things: 1. What equipment you're going to use to grow it under. 2. The process necessary to keep this plant happy and healthy and make it actually produce something when harvest time comes.

    I can tell by your questions above that you basically don't have a clue what you're doing. Go to the "new grower" threads here on the forum and read the several "sticky's" posted there for new inexperienced growers. There are several posted there that contain the very basics that every indoor grower needs to know. Without doing a little work on your own, prepare for your grow to be a total failure. But if you'll take the time to read and do a little research, you can grow like a champ. But it WILL require some effort on your part. Nobody on here is going to give you daily step by step instructions on what you should've taken the time to learn yourself.

    And listen...these posts don't pop up in front of everyone's eyes immediately. Sometimes is takes a couple of days for me to see a particular post. So hold your horses and realize that this site is here and serves tons of people...not just you!! TWW

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