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  1. Ok since winter is on the way I can't wait til spring to grow outdoors I think i'm gunna try a closet grow for my first grow attempt. Now if I were to leave just one 45 watt or less fluro on for 10+ hours a day is it gunna show up big time in the energy bill? I'm 17 living at home with the parents.....they'll notice a big a increase the bill.

    I have another question too. As my parents do come in and out of my room i was wonder how strong the odor is gunna be. If the plant is growing about 3-4 feet back in a closet will it make my room stink. Is there a noticable odor in the early stages of the plant And when is the odor at its assuming around harvest time. Your input would be greatly helpful!
  2. Ave,

    First off, 45 watts f0r 10 hours a day wont be very noticeable. but what Im wondering is are you gonna get more than 10 hours of light to your plant? you at least need 18/6 (18 on 6 off) to veg your plant under. look around for more info on this.

    as far as odor goes.. it can get pretty intense and will be obvious to identify, these guys around here have suggested strains which have less odor than others. but youll be burning many sticks of insence wether it smells or not. just so you feel better if nothing else. also after spending much time around it, it wont be very noticable to you anymore, but will be for others. so youll have to find something to divert attention from it. (how many plants are you planning on growing?)

    Hope you do well. If you know you wont get caught, then I suppose its alright. if there is any doubt, dont do it. just wait till you get a spot, and then go crazy. :)

    take care.
  3. The 45 watt light will add about 10-20 dollars a month depending on where you live. I had two 100 watt lights in my shop and they added 35 dollars to the months bill.

    Smell, yes most strains have a real strong odor. I grow out doors in a green house. When i open the door I get the smell that keeps me coming back. There are some strains with less odor.

    Becarefull with what ever you decide!

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