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  1. hey everyone,

    so i did this last year, but am a little rusty. actually had a great potent harvest for a first timer and i want to do it again. i was wondering what the lighting schedule was. right now, i have them set at 24/7 and the first leave are popping out and showing, they look healthy. when do i put them on 18/6 and eventually 12/12. they have been growing for 5 days now. please advise. any help would be much appreciated! thanks!
  2. Growing for five days...has it simply broke the surface or are the first set of leaves already coming in? Go 18/6 once the first set of leaves come in. Throw a ziplock bag over it now to keep the humidity high during this early phase. Plant will go from seedling to veg phase after 21-30 days, that's when you'll want to go 24/0. Veg for as long as you like, say 3-4 weeks, then go 12/12 to induce flowering phase.

    Lots of info on this site about this already. Check out Cervantes videos as well if you get a chance. Good luck!

  3. You do not ever have to put it 18/6. All of my grows I run the lights 24 hours a day.

    How long you want it veging is up to you. All depends on how big you want the plant. When you go to 12/12 to induce flowering the plant can go 3-4x larger in a pretty short time. All a matter of space. So if you go to 1 foot the plant can in about a month of 12/12 be 3-4 feet.

  4. I'd like to add on that 24/0 and 18/6 light gives about the same results. The only difference I can think of is a slightly lower electricity cost...but thats about it.
    rhapsodyrcks knows what he's talking about :hello:
  5. Thanks for advice everyone...the seedling have popped through the surface, one of the plants has 4 tiny leaves, the other ones are just popping out. from what it sounds like, i should run the lamps 24/0 for the next 3-4 weeks, then 18/6 until i want to flower. i have plastic wrap over the tops already. i think i am on the right track! the way, should i take off the plastic wrap once they pop through the surface? thanks again, this has been helpful!

  6. I agree..I have gone through 2 timers had some bad luck with them so I am just to lazy to do the 18/6 thing or I would.

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