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  1. so this is prob a pretty noob question but ive found two answers kinda...

    when i start form seedling until i flower are lights supposed to be on 24/7 or 12/12. i know when switching to flowering its 18/6. is the 24/7 12/12 a preference or what....

    please let me know.
  2. You want a minimum of 18/6 for vegging, with 24/0 preferred.

    Switch to 12/12 when you are ready to begin flowering.

    Light is not necessary for seeds to germinate, but as soon as they do
    get them under that 18/6 or 24/0 light ASAP.

  3. what is more "effective"/"gets a bigger yield" for veg. 24/7 or 18/6?
  4. Vegative growth is for size. So basically it just effects the size before flowering. A plant will grow quite a bit while flowering too.
  5. so how long should i approximately veg for. i read til the plants are about 2 ft' tall at most...?
  6. Depends on how tall your grow space is.. a flowering plant will double or triple in size.

    I personally veg until its about a little less than 1/3rd of my allowable growing height.

    Consider looking into SCRoG or LST to help with that.

  7. my grow space is 5 ft. 7inches from floor to ceiling.
  8. You can go 12/12 from seed, I do this because of limited grow space. The plants get about half as big, but I like it due to the fact that I can't run ventilation yet and that Ballast gets HOT.

  9. i thought 12/12 was to force flowering......? i mean above chem. said either 18/6 or 24. that 12/12 was for flowering...
  10. It is, some people go 12/12 directly from seed so the plant will flower as soon as possible, thereby limiting the amount of vegitative growth so the plants stay nice and small.
    It does effect yield, so I would only suggest this if you have a space issue, which it does not sound like you have.
  11. so then i should go 24/7 for first part then switch to 18/6 to force flower?
  12. nevermind. so 12/12 is flowering. correct? so i guess i need to restate my question. do most people go 24/7 for the vegatative part?
  13. Yes.. everyone I know does. But some DO go 18/6.. 24/0 is best.

  14. ok thank you. im sorry my question was all jumbled and shi*. youve been helping me quite a bit experimentalist. well my light comes tomorrow. already built my grow closet. now germing seeds tomorrow and ordering carbon filter fan in 2 weeks.
  15. how long sould i approximately veg for? rough guesses..... my strains are : orange bud, white widow, ultra skunk, super haze all dutch passion.
  16. You can Veg for as long as you want but since you have a height constraint in your grow room go for about 2 feet or less, or you can look into LST'ing your plants. You veg on a schedule of 24/0(24 hours of light, 0 of dark) or 18/6 if you have heat/power consumption issues, and then when you are ready to flower switch to 12/12. Read the sticky's posted in these forums, they are fool proof.
  17. the general rule of thumb is to start flowering when a plant has 5 nodes - dude there are some excellent write ups on here - you should scour the beginner section for good info

    you'll soon find out that there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to vegging because different strains grow at different rates and you have quite a selection of strains for your first grow

    in answer to your question about 24/0 vs 18/6 I veg 18/6 and thats after growing for a long time and experimenting with 18/6 and 24/0 - personally I like my grow space to cool while the lights are off - I look at this like this - in nature the plants get a dark period so thats what I give them too and i've not recorded a massive difference in yield doing it either way so why waste electricity and force the plants to do something unnatural?

    check my grow for growth rates using 18/6 ;)

    now go and do some more research young jedi :smoking:

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