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  1. Hey, first time, trying to learn some before i start, how should i take lighting, liek the whole schedule like when to sitch to 12/12 24/7 no light and stuff that would be great, thanks
  2. Are you growing indoor or outdoor?
  3. I take it you are growing from seeds?.For new planted seeds you give them 24/7 for
    the first 3-4 weeks preferably with a lower watt bulb If possible.I personally use 16/8
    but other people might use a different light schedule.Plants are like us they need dark
    to rest and its very imporant for the plant for flower.You go to 12/12 when flowering.
    I'm not that experienced yet,but i hope i helped you out...!! Peace Out !!
  4. Oh shoot i never even thought to ask if you was growing indoor or outdoors,i just assumed you was growing indoors,with you asking about light chedule's :devious:
  5. lol yea, indoor im gonan try have a few outside but i just put em in the dirt and there growing with n help from me just keep a cover over when its suppose to rain
  6. This works for me:

    Germinate in darkness
    Move to 24/7 15W FL once sprouted for 3-4 days
    Then 24/7 by MH
    When I want it to flower, I go to 12/12 by HPS

    (You can probably skip the FL step - I just do it out habit)

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