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  1. Hay GC,

    I'm going to do a closet grow and i've got everything else i need besides the lights, and that is my only downfall im not sure what is better. I'm thinking fluro's while vegging and maybe change to MH when flowering?
    My mate has a MH lamp he wants to sell to me for AU$70 but he dosent know too much about it, alls he said was that he snaked it from his old work place and he said all that he knows about it is that its a foot wide and very long? im only planning a grow for 2-3 plants. is this mh lamp going to be way to big or wha?

    You guys are obviously experienced with this stuff so your input would be GREAT

    The Duck.
  2. MH for flowering? To be honest if your going with a HID style lamp for flowering i would go with a HPS style light. It also all depends on your set up. Are you going to be inside of a box? Does it need to be kept quiet meaning no one else knows about it? If you give me some more details i would be more than happy to offer some advice. I even know where to get a 20 dollar 150w HPS light for 20 dollars online. 150 would do fine i would believe for 2-3 lights with maybe a couple of CFL for supplement lighting.
  3. well its 5 foot tall by 4 foot wide so i could even do more plants if i wanted. It's me and my flatmates house and we both smoke so it dosent have to be completely discreet but friends and whatnot come in and out almost daily... The only reason i was going to go with my mates MH is cos its cheap and i heard their good to grow with.. What details would you like? Im planning to LST or SOG which yields more?
    Cheers so far

    The Duck.
  4. Inspect this light, find how many watts. You can definitely flower with it, or do the whole grow with it. If it's big it'll probly need some kind of vent for cooling which may be something to consider if you're trying to hide your operation.
  5. if you have that much vertical roo you may not even need to do a scrog method or LST. But if i had to choose it would be the LST method and prune so more tops come. I agree that you do need to find the wattage and if its big enough just use it for the entire thing...
  6. So it will work for the entire grow? I'll have to suss it out. and im planning to LST
    How does one manage to conceil a vent? and since its a tall cabinet I'm thinking of having a plank of wood that is as wide as the box that can get fixed anywhere up and down the box that the plants can sit on or should i just have the light moveable?
    and i also cant find a way to make a carbon scrubber thing so it dosent smell.... ne ideas?

    The Duck.

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