Lighting: Replace or Add-on?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by HealingOfNation, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Hello Grasscity!

    With a purchase of a Ebb & Grow System and the expansion set, (A total of 20 plants) I'm convinced that my current 600w HPS light (With Ballast and a (similar) Reflector) that I do not have enough light..

    I've resigned to two options..

    A. I purchase a 1000w Light and purchase a new ballast. This will effectively replace my old setup.
    B. I purchase another smaller light and another ballast. I will now have 2 lights.. probably duplicating my setup, bringing me to a 1200w total.

    Either way, I'm going to be spending money it seems, so I must look into the benefits/costs of either option. I do not have enough knowledge, nor experience to tell which is my better course of action.

    For this, I turn to you.

    Much appreciation,
    Healing of Nations.

    I have a great deal of issues I could use advice on. The wise once told me "Learn before you take action." If anyone out there is willing to spend some time to talk to me, I'd forever be in your debt.
  2. 2x 600w lights > 1 1,000w light.
  3. I would also suggest the two 600 watt lights. You should be able to get better overall efficiency, more light, and improved coverage.
  4. yup... addon>replacement ;)

    yet, also more heat to take care of... i'd recommend cooltubes
  5. Sounds like that's decided! Only 98 more problems to go.
  6. go ahead, bring it on :D

    gc's got a lot of good info to offer if you just ask the right way ;)

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