Lighting quetion, I need some advice

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TeSupo, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. I have two PFO HQI Halides. HQI ( Double sided halides unshielded ) puts out a greater intensity over a single sided halide.

    currently the bulbs are 10,000K which I would like to know if they will work well or should I get 6500K bulbs. I would like to use the 10k cause that is what is in there now and they are 100.00 bulbs soo i am looking for the pro's and cons.

    they are 250watt but these are not standard bulbs, they put out a very high output.
  2. damn, nobody know.

    thought at least some what know between 10k range and 6500k.

    im just going to introduce it into the system and see it how it works, I see so many setups with just normal Furresent bulbs and they get grow decent, so i would expect this to be fine.
  3. Not familiar with that light, but if it is putting out 10,000k color temp then it should be very blue spectrum (higher than typical 6500k), so it should be great for vegging. For flowering, though, not so good. Getting 6500k bulbs wouldn't be any better for vegging, you need red-orange spectrum lights.

    I would advise caution in getting different kinds of bulbs for your fixture, you have to make sure that not only the wattage lines up just right but the bulb type matches your ballast/igniter.
  4. I do understand the caution of using higher wattage and differant bulbs. As for the color temps I can change them fine so even the 6500k will not work, I can use 5500 and so on.

    The 10k does have a bluish tint to them, and does not need any more blue light to be mixed in but I suppose my setup right now is putting out a very tropical setting.
  5. I have tested them on tomato plants, and had full tomatos ready to eat in 25 days with insane root growth.

    >>what bulbs do HPS use, and color temps, cause ill sell these if a HPS setup will work better and I beleieve they are cheaper compared to what i have if they do the job better. each pfo fixture is 330.00

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