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  1. first of all heres my setup....
    -2 seedlings (2 weeks old) and 2 clones (about 6 inches tall) in soil
    -3-23w CFLs, 2-15w floro tubes, and a 20w floro tube (119 watts)
    -in a cupboard about 1.5' x 1.5' x 4'
    -a computer fan blowing on the plants (i have plans to add an inline fan for exhaust)

    my first question is what do all those posts mean that say 50w a sqr foot for flourecsent lights? is that the space the plants are in, or how big the plant is in diameter?

    my second question is... is that enough light to grow my babies steadily until i get my 400w hps up and running?

  2. It means theres 50watts in a square thats 1ft on each side. (EX. in a 2ftx2ft box theres 4sq feet.) When are you getting your hps?
  3. Yes the room not plant.

    if you are getting your HPS in like 1-2 weeks it will be okay, just barely. Otherwise, no.
  4. well i have the HPS but the thing is, im afraid the cupboard the plants are in wont have enough ventilation for the 400w HPS, like theres no fan exhausting hot air yet... i need some kind of cheap fan that i can use without having to make holes in the actual cupboard. would it be possible to get one of those big ass square fans that are like 3 feet wide and just put in the door opening? also my grow is in a shed with no a/c or anything, so it can get kinda hot in there
  5. You can get one of them cheap $10 bathroom fans from homedepot/lowes.
  6. ok, can u plug those into regular wall outlets? or do you have to wire them specially? because in my sheds power is sent by an extension cord, but i do have regular outlets in there
  7. Get a extension cord (the heavy duty outdoor ones)And where you would usually plug something in. Cut it there and strip the wires down alittle then wire white to white /idk the other color but wire them together and the wire that went to the third prong(circular one) to the grounding wire. Itll tell you in the instructions. Listen to them just use an extension cord.And dont do it while plugged in.
  8. Bathroom fans run off mains voltage. Fit a plug and connect them to a wall socket.
  9. Bathroom exhaust fans? The ones for the shower steam? I never seen one that did,
  10. ok i think i found a solution, instead of buying a bathroom celing fan, i got one of those big 3 foot wide box fans and simply put a garbage bag over the side that blows out, then I attached a dryer hose to the end of the bag then the end of the dryer hose goes out a hole in the side of my shed. this may seem stupid but it seems like it works, like even at low speed i can feel the air rushing out the end of the hose... so what do you think? should i throw the ol' 400w hps in? i included a "diagram of my gro" (if u can understand it... great!)

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  11. input anyone????
  12. That might work. Let me know how it goes.
  13. This could be a major issue. What part of the country are you in? Just how hot in there? Sheds if uninsulated don't usually get as hot as attics but still can be hotter than outside. Add a HID light to the equation and that could be an issue, for the summer months at least.

    For your fan idea, to really maximize airflow you will be better off to use a 6" vent pipe rather than a 4" dryer vent.
  14. im in the vancouver area so it doesnt get thaaat hot outside like
    14 - 19 c during the day, and the sheds pretty big like maybe 12 by 10... ill try to get some pics in the next couple days... my query is that i want to test if the HPS would be ok as is.. but i dont wanna accidently stress the plants or something by test testing it, even overnight...
    i went outside the shed and put my hand near the hole that the dryer hose leads to and i can definatly feel air blowing out

    also the shed is insulated :-S
  15. well i just bit the bullet and threw the HPS in.... the closet seems to be staying cool (i also threw a fan in at the bottom of the cupboard), buts its only been in there about 20 mins, and the outside temp is pretty low about 18C. Im not sure whats gonna happen when the outside temp gets up to the 20's.....

    i know this question has been asked b4 but forgive me. Up to what temperature are cannabis plants ok?

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