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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just started week 3 of my first grow and the plant is around 4 inches tall. I keep a through journal of length, temperature, ph levels etc.

    I have read various guides and I am currently working with a 40W fluorescent light attached 8 inches above the plant.
    I am also planning on buying a Metal Halide lamp for my 3 flowers. I am a closet grower and the area it would have to cover amounts to approximately 2.5 square foot.

    Now, my questions are:
    1. When would you suggest I start the 12/12 lighting period? The information on that varies depending on what guide one reads. Thus, I'm asking you guys.
    2. When should I switch from fluorescent to Metal Halide lights? Like I said, I'm in week 3 and the plant is 4 inches tall. By the time I get home it might be an inch taller though.
    3. Where do you get an affordable fixture? Can you recommend any?
    4. According to many guides, fertilizing should start 3 weeks after the seed has been planted. I am using miracle grow with 24 in the first number. What fertilizer/water ratio would you recommend (I'm using that green stuff that dissolves in water).
    5. Last but not least, would you recommend taking the plant out of the closet every now and then and putting it into sun light? I live on 3rd floor and I could actually do it without anyone noticing it.

    Thank you guys so much. I will upload some photos when I get off of work. Thanks in advance!

  2. That's a lot of questions, and all of the answers can be found on these threads. Read, read, read!!

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