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  1. Anyone here use The Brinks Home Security Lights and Fixtures found quite a few at a local Walmart reason i ask is because some of there Fluorescent Cfls Have Really High lumen out put and im just wondering if there any good and if they would be easy to wire in a grow box and also they have MH for these fixtures Im not sure if these are new products or not but they got a small little section of there own any help input and concerns are greatly appreciated cant seem to find any pictures online but ill keep looking
  2. This Is not the The fixture but The Fixture is Similar i believe the wires are 1 black one white and one copper piece exposed but im going to check next time i go out again and also i try to get an actual picture of it

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  3. The ones I think you are talking about are mercury vapor. I haven't used them, but have pondered using something similar. I don't know how much trouble it would be to wire one up for use in a box, but the 300w ones put out about 16,000 lumens. That is an awesome amount of light in a small package. The cheaper versions use halogen or incandescent bulbs, which wouldn't work for our purposes here. If you find a deal on the mercury vapor, go for it. Just be sure of what you are buying.
  4. I Appreciate the advise and honesty and i believe the bulbs are mercury Vapor the cfl i seen for this particular model is huge and i guess they only work in the brinks light fixtures dont know how true that is but im gonna get some pictures this week and post them because these lights and there fixtures are pretty cheap fixture is around $30.00 and the light i think was $19.00 and i guess you can use a metal hallid in these fixtures also as long as its a brinks weird but any way if anyone else knows anything about these please post comments

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