Lighting Questions for my Grow Closet

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MissingAlaska, May 18, 2002.

  1. i have enclosed a rough picture of the plan for my grow closet. my question is, what do you think the minnimum wattage i can get away with in both chambers to achieve reasonable results. i am hopeing to get away with a maximum of 200w in the flowering chamber. also any thoughts on useing G.E. Reveal 100w lightbulbs for either veg or flowering?

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Lost in Texas.
  2. So ,,,where's the picture? No.. those reveal bulbs are no good...

  3. well if i were growing just one or two plants in a 2 foot wide 8 foot tall room would 150-200watt hps be good?
    keep on smokin
  4. as far as lighting is concerned, check out and go to the advantage button. this is an afordable, no heat and low wattage solution. check it out.
  5. if your area is 3 x 4 feet, try using two 95 watt CFL (each provides about 450 watts of lighting!...the advantage of CFL's) mounted on each end will work. If your area is 36 inched one center mounted with reflector will work best. check out for particulars....

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