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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Hippy_Hay, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Ok heres the story, about 2 months ago i started growing indoors, the thing is i didnt know shit about shit so i was just using a regular 40 or 60 watt bulb like in most peoples houses. 3 weeks in everything was fine, the plant was healthy as could be. But my friends went around telling people so i ditched the plants, MY QUESTION IS, do i have to go buy new lights or can it be done with normal 40 or 60 watt bulbs?:D

  2. OK the best thing if your doing a small grow is you should get those spiral light things. They are called CFL's ( compact floursent lights) try to get a 150 watt one. IT is 100 times better then a normal ( indescent light ) better for the plant and less heat.
  3. looks like my lazy ass is goin to the store. + rep
  4. ahaha np they are like 5 bucks a piece i think. I have mine setup with this two way split light converter thing so it looks like this
    all togeather its 15$ well spend. try to find a better picture for you :wave:
  5. good call on that splitter thing, u growin those now?
  6. ya i have a theard in the journal forum.

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