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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gonandunit, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. what would be the most plants ie: big buddha cheese you could put under 1 x 600w hps,
  2. I've never used HIDs. My friend has a 600w hps and grows about 8 plants under it, they look freaking beautiful to. I only wish I could afford a nice hid system. :smoking:
  3. depends on the style of growing man.

    SoG, SCroG, LST, Supercropping, etc.

    going by your other posts .. your probably after soil in containers with little to no training, and bit of veg time..... I would fit 4-6 plants under it.

    4, if I were to use a fairly long veg time 4+ weeks( say SCroGing)
    6, if say a 2-3 week veg ( probably ideal for you, no real training other then maybe topping )

    if you were to use both of the 600 watters you have ( again going by past posts) I would even stretch the 6 plants up to 8 plants per light as long as the lights "footprints" are close to each other ie. in the same bloom room.


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