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lighting question

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by ilwlzardli, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. i have got a 3x8x10 closet LxWxH.....wanting to upgrade lights from 4 pairs of floros to a 400w hps.......now for the ultimate question, will it burn my house down? i have a couple of fans, and it doesnt have to be to discreete considering my mom already knows, i have a 24 inch fan, a 12 inch and 7 inch desk fan.........have a shelf about 6 foot high and can do just about anything, just wanted to get someones opinion on it......with just the flouros my plants are staying within 70-80 degrees with just one fan on it......
  2. just make sure its ventilated good and you'll be fine;)
  3. well, i can have the door open a little, not so much that affects the plants but, enough to let a little air go through............i hope that would be enough, have a thermometer so i can test all temps before i actually try it out, what would be the highest recommended temperature for a closet with about 5 plants? i have 2 growing now just to get things right, but when these are finnished i think im going to try a few more.
  4. for a 400w, keep all the plants under a 3' x 3' area, to keep the light intense... and it would be best if you could cut a hole out in the roof and make the fan exuste to the attic or something... or make a 3' x 3' box inside the closet to grow in, so it can just exaust into the closet, and maintain an uninterupted dark cycle....
  5. ok, well me and a friend thought about the idea of cutting an exhaust fan into attic, but didnt know how extensive that was going to be in the long run........if i make a box, how tall would u suggest?

    just trying to find the most effecient and EASIEST way of doing things, not wanting to spend lots of money, but wanting a decent yeild, and dont think i can do it with the sets of flouros io have at the moment
  6. id go about 4' tall...

    and whatever size lgith you get try for about 45 - 50w per sq ft of space... so if you get a 150w HPS, make it 2' wide x 18"deep.... a 400w HPS, make it 4' x 2'.... id suggest getting 2 cheap 150w lights and making a dual wing reflector to get the best coverage...if ya get 2 150w lights make a 3' wide x 2' deep box... should get nice even coverage that way ;)

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