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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NewBasementGrow, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. how do you guys mount your lights.. i bought a MV 200W to take a step up ... a am also useing 4 4ft floros (Sylvana Gro-Lux Full spectrum) one 2 bulb fixture on either side. but back to the question at hand, the fixture i bought (MV 200W) is for wall mount or pole mount ... how do you mount your light where you can raise and lower it ? with the floros on my last grow it was easy they mounted on chains... thinks in advance

    second grow but still wet behind the ears ! ! getting better though.. thakns to everyone for your help ..

    my last grow took 8 months start to finsh .. will it be quicker with this light setup? or did i waste 24.00 for a MV?

    and thanks to sid, you helped alot in my last grow!!
  2. Im not sure but mv is hid lighting but i believe it is the wrong specturm and has a low watt to lums output hope this helps
    good luck
  3. can use it outside .. wait till my wife finds out i wnat a new light she likes it when shes smokin but not when i'm spending more money on it ...
  4. can the MV light it's no good for growing .get a mh for vegging and a hps for flowering ...or you can use the hps for both...
  5. check this out ,mv and mh ballist are the same if you can find a 200 watt mh bulb you should be set let me look around good luck
  6. As regards hanging lights...

    I use these seatbelt style rollers now on everything. You attach them, pull them down tighten the wingnut and then they will go up if you push the light up but will not come back down.

    Up is good.

    They weren't cheap (about a tenner) but for my lazy self absolutely worth it.

    No more hassling with chains.

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  7. Where can i get some of them rollers in the uk? west mids wud b good or mail order.

    oh yeah Mercry Vapor lites aint verry good but u can grow with them. if u have the cash get a 250w HPS, im not 100% sure of the lumes a MV puts out but HPS wud put out about double the useable lite from a same watt lamp. i think. mite b more, mite b a bit less, it wud piss over the MV tho and thats a fact!

  8. Don't know anywhere out that way.

    I got mine in the South East on a trip to the Worthing Cannabis Café, a cool little place called Worthing Hydroponics (you have to ring a bell to get underground does that make you feel, like going to a swingers club). They don't have mail order or a site but they are pretty cheap.

    If not try Esoteric, bit expensive but I've used there mail order a few times. The guy who runs the place is a bit of a muppet but everything turns up OK.

    Search for Esoteric Hydroponic on Google. They don't seem to have any on the site but give 'em a bell and see.
  9. i get down that way a fair bit, ill have a hunt round worthing next time id down that way. dont spose u got an address or phone numba do u? cheers m8

  10. Worthing Hydroponics
    70, Teville Rd

    (01903) 204045

    It's right by the station virtually, so hop off and on. Easy.

  11. thanx 4 that m8, i'll take a detour next time im down that way. hope they aint outta stock lol
  12. I've only been in there a couple of times but I would say they are the kind of place that is always out of stock of everything but it will always be "coming in a minute".



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