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Lighting Question

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by mikes217, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. Hey

    just made a grow box to grow my first plant. I was wondering how many watts does my light bulb need for one plant? I only have acces to normal bulbs and do not want to spend the cash on the fancy lights. I just bought a 150watts 2780 Lumens Soft White bulb but i think thats too powerful for just one plant in a 2ft tall and 1ft wide box. would a 70watt bulb do the job?

    Thanks for the feedback

  2. ive been looking around the internet for some for info and i saw this diagram of a flourescent light, http://www.msbuilder.com/dulley/il/727.jpg
    and i have several of the spiraling ones shown on the left of the diagram.
    my flourescent lights have these specs written on them:
    120V 60HZ
    42W .617A

    will this work for just one plant?

    thanks again

  3. Flourescants are OK, preferable to incandescants anyway.

    Check out the Overgrow Micro/Flouro Grow Forum. You can grow small plants with a relatively decent amount of harvestable bud on them with only a little effort.

    Good luck and good growing.

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