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  1. The description on the walamart site is not real clear on the spectrum of this bulb. The only reference I found (it is early and I haven't finished my first cup o joe) is "Same quality of light as Soft White bulbs"

    That leads me to think that the color temp is around 2700 degrees Kelvin. Now even this doesn't tell what wavelengths of light this bulb will produce, but I'm thinking that most of the light will be around the 650 nanometer range...this is good. (better for flowering but def ok for chlorophyll production.

    I'd suggest mixing in some Daylight (color temp around 5500K) CFL bulbs too. They put out light in the blue end of the light spectrum.

  2. thanks for the info, I thought they would be okay but its always safer to ask a pro such as your self. better safe than sorry
  3. these are the ones I found from Wally world
    click to make bigger!!
    I would say they would be the same or close to the smae package in every store??
    left for veg right for flower
    happy growing
  4. Good info. I see the blue package shows a color temp of 6500K I can't make it out for sure, but the green package says 2700K. These will work fine. I'd use the both at the same time.

  5. sorry I sould have said what watt, K they are !!
    yes oldschool you are right (you have good eyes!!)
    the blue are 26W=100W = 6500K
    the red(green&yellow pack) is 42W=150W=2700K
    from what I seen in Kamel's post was more blue 6500K for Veg and more 2700K for flowering ??
    for my set up I put in a few 4100K for more light and the bulbs were on sale!!
    23W=100W=4100K that added a bit-o-light in there!!


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