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  1. Hi guys quick question. I am currently resetting my grow up I have a 1x1 tent in width and 2x in height. I am wanting to go on to a mars hydro 2 1200 watt. Would this be to much for that size tent? Thanks for any input guys and have a awesome weekend
  2. Nope it's good ! Get a nice little grow happening in there..
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  3. Ah awesome I have seen some of the results in bigger tents and they look awesome. Would it be able to do 4plants. Would you say?
  4. Way too much light

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  5. Just get a 1600

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  6. Do you mean 1 metre by 1 metre yeah?

    I have a 4x4 tent which is like 1.2 meters (I think) and yeah easy get up to 8 plants..

    But just grow 4 and that light will be good for the 4 how much is the true watts of it ?
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    Yes mate 1 meter by 1 meter and it's true output is 600 I beleive. I would obviously haves extractors and have a/c if it does get to warm.
  8. I think he meant a mars pro II not that he has 2 lights bro
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  9. 100% fine if it's 600 watts, you can't really have to much like yeah can do over kill.. but what you have it perfect.
  11. Shit didn't mean to repost what you put my phone is playing up. It says 600watt actual output and I heard a 600hps would be fine so thought led would be ok. Looking forward to moving to led rather than cfl
  12. In my opinion, it is not too much light. It is still less Lumens than the sun.. I think it is perfect. For your tent size, personally, I would use 1 plant and just grow it nice and bushy. You will get a higher yield from that single plant than squeezing 4 plants in there. But also make sure you have decent ventilation! I know that LEDs don't produce a lot of heat, but 1200W of LEDs will produce more heat than 600W for example.
  13. I have just ordered a new 4" filter today so that should do it and then also a/c if needed. What sort of yiled could I be looking at roughly with 1 bushy plant, with all the right nutrients. I'm growing 8ball kush. Last time I did white widow under cfl and pulled just under 2ounce
  14. With ONE plant in that tent, I would say you can get 700g, if stressed right and you FIM. But if you decide to put all 4 plants in, I would say like 800g total from all of them combined. I am saying this because the tent isn't big enough to handle all the plants, therefore they will end up growing into each other and the bottom of the plants won't get enough light.
  15. I see what your saying mate I shall do it that way then. Can you suggest any decent fertilizer for veg and bloom? I normally use a and b for veg then bio grow for bloom
  16. Or bio bloom for bloom lol I don't have the bottle at hand as I'm still at work
  17. Foxfarm nutrients are bomb. You can get micro, grow and bloom nutrients from them.
  18. cheers man, will get some ordered. I shall be posting a journal of this journey keep a look out for it man
  19. Good luck man .. sorry I was asleep lol and I have bad half over today - so glad this dude helped haha

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