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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bongs-a-blazin', Nov 23, 2002.

  1. I have my plant (3 weeks) growing under 1 100w cool white fluro .. a while back and before I knew better I bought a 60w "plant light" ... from what I can figure out it's high in red spectrum light .. since I bought it was thinking I should use it .. was wondering if it would be okay to use along with the 100w fluro .. if there'd be any benefit or if I might damage the plant .. thanks ... (ps .. in case you're wondering ...can't find hps lights where I'm at but am gonna pick some up in the US at Xmas)
  2. Go ahead and add the extra light man. the more light the better the buds! they will get stronger from more light.

    smoke on friend
  3. aye-aye captain ...
  4. Thank you for asking this question, i too have 2 cool white 45 watt fluores, i currently use them to nurture my seedlings which just sprouted but i think ill add them to my light fixture
    so that all the light combines but i was scared until i read this post, thank you both :D

  5. the extra light seems to be a success .. the little guy is growing gangbusters .. soon to be 4 weeks old and she (I hope) is about 5.5" tall ...
  6. thats cool, im glad to see you are doin good. i think alot of people will benifit from this post cause id say alot of them have little plant lights that they thought to be useless, good luck on harvest and crop if i were you since its already maturing and 5.5, id flip the light cycle to 12 on 12 off so it
    will bud, but it depends on how you wanna do it either way you are doin good..... unless its a male :( be good man and thanks for you input!

  7. for years in college i had a mama plant that was under a 100w floro for the winter...oct to may. it did ok and did the job till my fricken roomie killed it cuz he didnt water it for a 2 week vacation i took.

    prob only enough light for 1 small plant but that is all u need...clones grow big in the summer time.

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