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  1. I know its better to use metal halide for vegetative period,and high pressure sodium for flowing,but since im not looking to drop that much cash for both.Which one would be better to use throughout the whole grow?I appreciate all answers,and feed back.
  2. when i had the same question I needed answered, I came up with HPS. Switchable ballast should come with 1 of each if you can simply swing that but going all HPS hasn't caused any problems for me at least.
  3. plants veg just fine under HPS, and having an HPs really pays off in flowering :)
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    You can veg with CFLs as well. (just throwing that in there)

    HPS works for veg but can be rough on a little sprout.

    MH works far better, I don't think you'll regret getting it once you do.

    Personal recommendation: Get a digital dimmable ballast with a cooltube. You can use both mh/hps with one ballast and the cooltube is great for cooling your bulb.

  5. You can and many do just use HPS from start to finish, but if you buy the right light a MH bulb can be swapped out for a HPS one...Bulbs are not that expensive.
  6. just buy one of the amazon kits, <$200, free shipping, with both bulbs included

  7. Even a better plan!
  8. Thank you all.Looking forward to beginning my 1st grow in the near future.I know where ill be coming if i have any issues.

  9. Mhm that's the route I went, and felt super clever, until both the MH bulbs died(bought two ballasts/hood/bulb kits and only had enough faith in my house's electrical to run 1). Triple check the orientation of the hps/mh switch before powering it up ha.
  10. Thanks for all the feed back.I think im just gonna go with cfl's,because my grow space isnt gonna be very large,and im only looking to grow a couple plants.More cost efficient also.Plus this will be my 1st grow.Im sure ill upgrade in the future.
  11. That's the best idea I've heard u say so far. Just start out low budget. Cfls work well just arnt enough for flower. I've seen growers spend thousands on there lights and equipment to later on end up not catching a hermi and getting 50 million seeds. Second grow ended in pests. They just scrapped everything sold off what they could and gave up. Start small learn then upgrade

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