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  1. Hey guys I'm trying to figure out do they make a cfl that'd equivelant to 250 real Watts. I already have a 400 Watt hps/mg but I'm thinking I wanna get 2 250 Watt cfl to do the sides of my plants. What do you guys think? Would this be OK also will its make a notclicible difference on my electric bill?
  2. It will add some, night try T5s?
  3. Will T5 work when they are in flower. That's when I'm most concede about it. Veg they will grow no matter what I feel like. Plus I kinda want to lst.
  4. Yea they sell bloom T5 panels or bulbs to insert.
  5. According to the math I found online its about 150 Watts correct?
  6. the pic you linked is a 4x 2' fluorescent system. Those tubes are right around 25w each, so that panel will be ~100w, and two will be 200w

    some people claim fluorescents don't provide the same dense nugs an hps will, but most people also don't run the plant right up next to the bulb like they should

    live and learn, but that's exactly what I'm trying right now (using 1 now, but have a second light when my babies get transplanted into something bigger)

    keep us updated!

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  7. awww, I love that you can see the husky's hair in those cups... my baby's omnipresent <3

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