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  1. Im going out of town for two weeks and my hydro set up will take care of my 2 girls, thing is one needs to be on 12/12 and the other is an auto and should be on 18/6. The question is can i go from 12/12 for 2 weeks to 18/6 when i get back and be okay for the auto? (i'll harvest the other one right when i get back)
  2. Are the plants under the same light? First off, you should always have to different rooms and lighting sources. This way you can sepeate the plants nd have two different lighting schedules.

    Puting a plant that have been under 12/12 into 18/6 will cause it to go back into veg state. Production of buds will slow down. Not a good idea to put the plants back to an 18/6 lighting schedule.
  3. thing is there in hydro and i only have one air pump (150hps/150cfl side lighting)
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    Well the auto will probably be fine, but I read that it might start stretching if you give it 12/12. Stretching means less and fluffier bud, so you should probably give it 20/4 or something when possible. Interrupting the schedule with two weeks of 12/12 could stress it a bit too. It will not go back to veg no matter what you do.

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