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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by fifties333, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Hey what up I was just wondering doesnt a HPS light have to warm up and doesnt it get really hot because I was wondering if im going to burn my house down. I was wondering about the long tubed kind I think its flourescent. Do I get a growing bulb or A soft white kind. Or both and for inside growing how long do you wait for fertilizer just wondering well I had some trouble with an outside plant It got either stolen or eaten by something. and it was 6 '' tall I was proud because that was the biggest plant Ive ever had I was pissed. Yeah just get in touch with the lighting question anyone. and isnt outside growing much better than inside because of there roots?
  2. yes HPS gets hot. but wont burn ur house down unless it shorts out, or around somthing flameable.. it just gets hot.. all u gotta do is keep a fan on it
  3. Yeah the do get hot but as long as its wired correctly should be no worry about fire unless your growing in a cardboard box or something...
  4. just make sure it is hanging from something sturdy.
  5. The 'long tube light' is a flourescent, get any kind but the tubes that say they are specifically used for growing. The normal tubes you buy at home-depot or lowes, any hardware store, will do just fine. You start to fertilize after the catlyds start to fall off. 'The first round leaves that you see from the seed'. Normally after 2-3 weeks you can start to fertilize depending on how rich your soil was to start. More than likely the plant you had grown outside was eaten by bugs. I always recommend starting out indoors untill the plants around 1/2 ft tall and then plant outside. It gives it time to able to cope with environmental factors through it own natural defenses. Growing outdoors under the great big halide is the only advantage imo. Size isnt a concern outdoors as long as security isnt an issue. And you have the option to have unlimited root space. But indoors you dont have to worry about all the wind,rain,storms,bugs,theft,security,exc.exc.. Indoors you have full control over your plant and are able to grow it to your liking. My favorite to do :D. Goodluck with your current ventures.
  6. if your going to get flourescent tubes,
    get warm white.
    they put out the red specrtum, needed for flowering

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