lighting problems.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by BudSmoking, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. Hey guys question I found this brand new light bulb I dont know if this will work on my plants.


    1260 LUMENS

    90 WATTS


    would this be good to use on a 18on 6 off.

    if so how close should I put the plant remember it,s about a foot long.

    And all the flowers are turning white what is that all about. can someone help me please.
  2. answer to ur question.,... NO.. Halo's dont work.. get a HPS..
  3. Thanks secneek, do you know whats going on with my leaves turning white.?
  4. what about this one here I picked this one up at home depot this morning


    400 WATTS

    120 VOLTS

    50000 LUMENS




    give me some input on how close should I put my plant if this one is right.
  5. shaaaa bingggggggg.. YEA NOW U CAN GROW A FARM.... thats the perfict light u need... ask SID about how far from the plant u should have the light so u dont burn ur babies.. or just read past Forum's.... and do u use Fert when u feed ur plant?? or does the soil already have ferts in it?? cause thats what it might be..
  6. p.s- i hope u didnt just buy the light bulbs.. cause u need a special balis to use those HPS lights..the Balis has to match the wattage of the light bulb.
  7. i have a 400w and keep it approx 16" from the top of the plants........and i too hope you got a ballast as well?.........or like mine a floodlight style with built in ballast..........Peace out..........Sid
  8. NO I did not get a ballast the man at home depot did not tell me that I needed one so I took it back and I got a 40watt florou which it has 2600 lumens I think this will work fine if I run that sucker 24/7, I have it about 4-5 inches from the top of the plant. And I went and bought some miracle grow plant food spikes 6-12-6 I hope this is good some input please quickly so I can make sure that my babies are good to go.
  9. BudSmoking,

    The light you have is fine for one plant. I read someplace that for fluro growing you need about 3000 lumens per plant, so you're right in the ballpark. A second light wouldn't hurt, though.

    The Miracle Grow spikes you bought, however, are better suited for the flowering stage. For vegetation, you need a fertilizer that is higher in nitrogen that phosphorus. Fertilizer nutritional profiles are indicated by an N-P-K, for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potash. So for the veg stage, get one with a higher first number relative to the others, such as 20-10-10. The nitrogen helps to develop the root structure of the plant.
  10. If your talking about 4' 40watt cool white flouros I know a little about that, I was able to mature 3 30" females with 6 4' flouros.

    if using flouros keep em close 1-2" above plants.

    good luck
  11. I need help with my lighting situation as well,

    I have a 400 watt lighting system with a ballis and I need to go into the flowering stage is it possible to keep them on the same bulb but just change the time on the timer or do I need to change to a 1000 watt lighting system..........I NEED SOME HELP AND I DONT HAVE MUCH TIME OR I WILL LOOSE MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can someone Please help me?
  12. Easy there, your doing fine, take a deep breath and set your timer for 12/12 and nature will do the rest.

    How big are they and how old
  13. Also what kind of bullb are you using. do you know if its hps or mh?
  14. They are 7 - 8 weeks old and they are about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall i have 15 all together do you think it will work?

    it is a hps light
  15. OK I have good news and bad,
    Good news, congratulations, 15 3 1/2 ft tall! and you havent flowered yet? Holy cow, good job. Also HPS will work start to finish,

    The bad news, plants usually DOUBLE in size before you harvest, follow me, your talking 7-8' tall finished.
    Best you can do is as soon as the males start to show get em out of there, also I would reccomend either topping or training to keep the height under control
  16. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess i should be proud of myself since this is my first time doing this

    how would you suggest i train them to not have them grow so tall?
  17. I have sad mews on today I woke up and my plants has been derooted and there all slouched over and dryed out I think I had a tear in my eye on this morning, My wife got mad at me yesterday and threatend to do that but I payed her no mind well well well she did it and now I am stuck shit out of luck. My buddy still has not come threw with the seeds from his harvest for me yet either.

    Thanks guys for all your support that I received in the past few weeks.
  18. oh shit....was that your 1st plant?....well you know what to do now when she pisses you
    dont let it get to ya man......need not forget whats more important...:).....gotta take care of the main lady of the house 1st.....then after that you can spend all the time you want with your
  19. BudSmoking,

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Sounds like you might be better off just partnering with your buddy and growing at his site. For instance, you could do all the ordering of supplies, seeds, etc via the internet, so that his grow site address is not recorded with any vendors.

    Good luck.
  20. You can purchase the HPS at Home Depot but I do believe they don't have the ballast for it. If they do have a ballast it would probably be for an outdoor flood light or parking lot fixture. The bulbs sold at Home Cheapo will fit in a reflector and ballast that are sold in Hydro Stores. I notice that the HID lights at the Depot tend to start off slow, heat up then come to full brightness sorta loke the Parking Lot lights. The lights at the bulbs at the Hydro Store seem faster to reach full brightness. The bulb you have is fine and dandy, Good luck.


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