Lighting needed for 12x8 grow room. Everyone please comment thanks.

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  1. Hello, I have a 12' x 8' room being built and waiting to know what to run for lighting, I figure I can fit 25-30 plants in there at 2ft height or a little bit taller. I have a 1000watt set up now from previous grows however this will not due In this area alone. I want to know which everyone would suggest I'm thinking of getting a large reflector/hood specifically the Raptor series 8" 1000watt and tracking it or would that be enough alone and be able to stay stationary? Another idea is to track my current 1000watt although the diameter of the hood is not very large it is only about 2' x 2-1/2'. I would really like some opinions also has anyone tried a ozanator uv duct thing? I'm curious which is best hydrofarm has a cd ozanator and a uv... Which works best and why?
  2. Hello, can someone help please some insite thanks
  3. Fill it with 1000s or 600s. A 1000 is good for a 4x4 or 5x5. A 600 is good for a 3x3 or a 4x4.

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  4. You don't think running a light track is the way to go? it would Supply the light to all plants and save lots of power wouldn't it?
  5. Let me research it and ill give you my opinion
  6. I just see a lot of people running stationary lights and then I see a couple people and they all are saying that they will never use a stationary light again it was never worth it and didn't work as good but also that's less people overall. however everyone ive talked to that has tried one still uses it.
  7. I think you have your answer

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  8. If you put 4 600s in you can get the chains to run out of sincquenc to maximize your lights

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  9. based on square feet you would want 4 1000s if the whole room was filled...and im around lots of growers and nobody i know uses tracks
  10. Your in luck!  I also have a 8 x 12 room.  Ten foot ceiling.  I first started with a six foot track and what I discovered and later was assured is that a light track for marijuana is not a good combination.  The only way a light track could be used is if the primary light(on a 1000 watt light the primary light is about  5' x 5' area) does not leave the plant.  When the track takes a half hour to make a cycle, its only been on the plant for about 15 minutes, which in return makes diminishing returns.  Marijuana takes a lot on INTENSE, DIRECT light.  To figure out how many lumens you have per square foot divide your grow room square footage by how many lumens you plan on using.  I use 3-1000 watt lights with Hortilux bulbs which are 145,000 lumens, so I have 435,000 lumens divide by 96 is approx. 4531 lumens which is just about mid-range.  2000 lumens per square foot is on the low end, 5000 lumens is mid-range and 7000 is just about optimal.  How you control the heat is going to be the challenge!  I moved the ballasts outside the room, this removed the need for about 7000 btu cooling.  Also it is a good thing to have dimmable ballasts just in case you can't deal with heat(3  -  600 watt hps (88,000 lumens per light) still gives you 2750 lumens which is plenty.  Also, a 24,000 BTU air conditioner should be about perfect!  Having that many plant in that space has its challenges.  Mainly, watering!  I found myself pulling plants in and out of the room or crawling in.  I finally put buckets outside the room on a shelf I made and ran hoses to each plant, using gravity feed, what a difference!  Another thing is humidity!  I have actually had it rain when humidity gets above 90 percent!  Humidifier will be necessary!

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