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  1. Okay, my setup is almost complete. I just need some advice on lighting...
    HPS vs. LED!
    I need to know which one will be better for about 4 plants. I need prices...
    I have a shop light with cfls in it right now so also, can I get a HPS or LED lightbulb made for the shop light fixture??:hello:

  2. no and no, both need their own special kind of ballast/equimpent I believe.

    LED's use a lot less energy than HPS with similar results. Indoor farming of the future right there.
  3. I would recommend an HPS for your grow. LED is still coming along and many of those setups are very expensive and still need to be supplemented with outside light. Plus for four plants youll be able to get a more intense HPS light for less money ultimately resulting in a better bud. The only time I think LED would be good for such a small grow is if you didnt have any means of cooling an HPS. As far as what HPS though, i would recommmend a Lumatek 400 watt adjustable ballast. This will allow you to use either 400 or 250 watts and both Metal Halide and Sodium bulbs. Just my opinion though. Hope it helps! Any more Q's let me know!
  4. How much will it cost to buy a complete HPS setup?
  5. its so much more fulfilling if you do your own research.
    you'll need a hps ballast
    a hood
    possibly fans, ducting, etc.
    not to mention bulbs, (mh conversion, hps or you could just say no to either and get a cmh bulb, which are pretty fuckin interesting.)

    cmh bulb= Ceramic Metal Halide Bulbs

    everything else=
  6. LED is not ready for prime time. Some have had success with it, but many more have not.

    Check out HTGSupply-dot-com, they are a popular vendor to blades around here and will give you a good idea of decent prices for different options.
  7. nope, that kit comes with everything you will need to get the light up and running. although it doesnt come with any cooling systems, so you must take care of the heat issue yourself.
  8. Gah. Haha, will fans work?
  9. I checked out the light you were thinking about. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but the picture of the 'hood' was not a maxwing reflector which is part of your quoted price. Do plenty of research and don't rush into the first thing you see that looks descent. Someone earlier suggested Lumatec 400w switchable .. that's what I have(250w setting currently). The ballast doesn't get hot(warm, at best). My lamp is inside a cooltube which is in line with a 4" Vortex fan and a 4x8" Phresh filter.
    It took me forever to get all that on a limited budget(a lot of waiting lol) but I didn't want to waste money by getting items that needed to be replaced every harvest.

    ~end ramble .. do your homework :wave:
  10. yes, if your not ive a very hot climate to begin with, its much easier to maintain a good temperature.

    I live where the average in the summer is like low 80's ... this means its not very hard for me to keep my temperature where it needs to be ... i dont even have a fan drawin air in, I only need an exhaust fan .

    But say u live somewhere out west where your temps are hitting above 90 all summer long ... your probably going to need a good vent system if your going to be running 600 watts
  11. What size is your space? For a 600w you probably will want a cool tube or air-cooled hood, otherwise fighting temps could be a challenge.

  12. I know, it has different options for the reflectors, I was going to get the Easy cool 6 reflector for it...
    And my shed is about 9'x9' and 10' tall. It has little vents on the top right below the roof so I figured maybe just putting some fans in there should keep some air moving in and out of the shed.

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