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  1. I understand the need of having a light that can penetrate the leaves to help the plant grow, but I was thinking of a way to possibly give light to the sides, as well as under the leaves, towards the bottom of the plant. This way, I can get bud, from the top, to the bottom of the plant. Is it worth doing, and if so, what should I use for the lights, on the 3 stages (top, middle, bottom)?
    Thanks ahead of time.

  2. Also, with the idea, I was going to do x3 or x5 HPS 250w bulbs, but I am concerned about the cost of having so many, in regards to ballasts. I've been researching for the past two days, and I cant' figure it out.
  3. Wow. CFL all the way due to costs!! My only concern is finding the right ones. I went to Wal-Mart and they didn't have a decent selection at all.
  4. How many plants? It matters...
    But I would go 1 HPS on top with supplemental CFL lighting on the sides and bottom. 
  5. Cost is 100% of my problem. The ballast alone would run me 100$+, and that's not something I really have the ability to do.
    I'm wanting to do a max of 3 plants, due to my space limitations of 3'x2'x5'
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    Get a single 600w HPS. Using 3-5 250w bulbs will be too hot for your small space. 2 would work.

    It may cost more, but it is the single most efficient bulb on the maket and will produce more value in a single crop than the price of ballast/bulb setup.

    There is basically no way to get CFL's to give the same results, and you'll just end up buying an HPS in the long run, resulting in more costs.

  7. I'm actually doing the same kind of idea right now using CFL's. I have my biggest bulb, the 65 watt atop the canopy. Then i can switch from either two-four bulbs on two sides of the plants. ANd my small watt LED panel is on one side as well. 
    I do know there are grow tents and grow capsules that have vertical lights, like the PhotoTron from growlife. It is best to have lights penetrating the middle and underneaths of the plants. CFl's aren't going to penetrate like a hps but it's cost effiecent. Plus on your size room 3 HPS bulbs will get hot.
  8. 1000 hps and 5 t. 8 bulb ho. In my 4 by 4 tent. 16 plants. Is this over kill on light. Oh I keep room 76 degrees.

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