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  1. I just put 3 germinated seeds with tails in potting soil, how many hours of light light should the seeds get until it pushes through the dirt?

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  2. 24 or 18
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  3. [​IMG] dot they should sit like this for 18-24 hours?

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  4. Most of the time it takes them 2 or 3 days to come on out and pop up. Leave your light on 24 hours a day. When the seeds do pop up, it's not a big deal to continue to leave your light going 24 hours a day. You don't have to deal with timers or turning your light on and off and it makes no difference to the plant in this stage of growth. We run veg lights 24 hours a day and have since we first started. You'll hear a little bit of everything related to growing on these forums. You have to get good enough to weed out all the crap. LOL During the veg cycle, the only thing you HAVE to do is make sure your plants are getting more than 12 hours of light a day. It's dropping the lighting hours down to where you get 12 light and 12 dark that throws them into bud, but as long as you keep them under light for more than 12 hours each day, you're good. It's just easier to leave the light on. It does not have any negative affect on them at all, so it's just easiest that way. Keep reading up on the grow process. TWW
  5. Okay, thank you, I'm learning a lot from your responses! When should I know when to give them more water, when the soil isn't moist anymore? I know in not supposed to over water them.

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  6. They probably won't need water for a few days after they pop mabe more . Yes wait till the soil is dry or they will grow slower mist em with water tho seedlings like to be a bit damp
  7. I have a spray Bottle filled with water I was going to spray it afew times when the soil gets dry
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  8. I like to mist my girls twice a day in veg more if I can
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  9. So for now keep them at a very low water rate then when should I gradually move up and how much, sorry I'm new and don't want to mess things up
  10. they don't need any light until they sprout, but I like to leave the lights on 24/0 for stable heat which is critical for germination. After that 24/0. Pot doesn't need any darkness and it doesn't help, but 18/6 is fine and saves electricity. When you do go to 12/12 you will need to be sure that closet is lightproof.
  11. I'm only growing it inside for a little because the weather isn't constant, then ill be moving it outside to the wood but not in the ground just in a pot in the woods
  12. Fill a solo with just dirt no water feel how heavy it is love it lol then pick up your cups with seeds big difference in weight that's how I check in solo cups. Also u could stick you finger in to check but I don't do that when they are young in their solo cups
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  13. I stick my finger in but not near the seed
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  14. Don't bother atleast until they pop

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