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lighting herbs in pipe

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nirish_mark20, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. hey peeps,

    venturing into the land of herbs tonight and have a question about lighting it up. I will be using a pipe and a turboflame lighter for the higher temps, i just have this feeling though that the force of the turboflame lighters flame will blow all the herbs out of the pipe.

    is this something that will happen and how do you prevent it? cheers
  2. Dont let the flame touch your herb, hold the tip of the flame about a inch away from the weed, the hot air/ invisble flame will suffice.
  3. thanks for that. should i wait until it has fully ignited or until there is some smoke then stop and let the heat already there take the rest of it on?

    roll on 5pm!
  4. ps I will be using an aluminium pipe (see pic)


    it doesnt use a gauze and doesnt seem to have a carb, any more help is appreciated

  5. if your using a torch lighter for that, your gonna get massively hot hits, are you smoking salvia?

    just hold it there till the herb turns red.
  6. yeah smoking salvia and/or spice diamond. when you say hot hits, you mean with the smoke?

  7. The smoke will be hot, which will irritate your throat and lungs.
    If you're smoking salvia you have to hold the smoke in a long time, so it's better to use a bong or bubbler.
  8. Ya aluminum produces terribly harsh hits. Not to mention has been shown to cause cancer when burned...but just be careful and try to hold the lighter as far way as possible and still get some smoke.
  9. one last question peeps- do i need to mix my salvia with tobacco? bit worried that when i inhale i will inhale some of the unburned salvia- is this just something to expect?


  10. nah, straight salvia is a okay. no tobacco needed. in fact, i've never heard of doing it that way.

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