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  1. Hey everyone. I currently started growing in my stealth pc tower growbox, and im growing 2 small babies with 2 23 watt cfls. I know i should have more hat why i m asking here. If i put the 125 watt in, there wouldnt be much space left. I was thinking about putting a 105Watt spiral bulb in there 2700k. Can someone confirm thats a good idea? and can the 105 watt plug into a normal socket. And theres a choice between mogul and regular and im not sure which one to choose. CHEERS
  2. I know in Australia the normal baton holders that you put the 24W cfls in they go up to 50w or so. anything after 50-60w and im pretteh sure they need a ballast which is built in. they just plug straight into the socket. Just confirm this before doing it as electrical is different around the world.

    as for mogul and normal. moguls are about an inch bigger than the normal cfl sockets.
    the 125w cfl i have is about 13" long and 4" width.

    Ide just stick with 6500k bulbs for veg, 2700k for flower.
    Hopefully that answers a few questions. Glad to try and help out another blade! :smoke:
  3. I figured it out but..Damnit i really thought about it last night, and i remembered if i had the 105 wat up top side ways, that plants wouldnt have much space to grow, but if i had 4 small bulbs all in Y adapters they can just grow in-between the addapter and the bulbs. DAMN. I really appreciate it when you guys help me. Got any ideas on what wattage bulbs to get, Im gonna have them in a Y adapter and i have 8 icnhes wide to work with, but i can curve them abit so ill have like 8-10 inches. Right now have 2 23 watts, i think i should go a bit higher then that
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    i acually was looking at the same kind of lights before as you, i ound a 3 pack of 26w cfl's at walmart for $1.78, i then got a ysocket for the outlet, basically just attaches to a socket and has 2 braching sockts, so you can use 2 bulbs at once, theyre like 2 bucks at walmart as well. There 2700k bulbs and them combined gives me 3,500 lumens which is perfect for a 1 plant grow.

    to avoid confusing, the bulbs give off 1750 lumens each... good luck man, if you need any help feel free to pm me, im growing in the same medium as you so im sure i could help you out
  5. If you can't fit small CFLs in your case get a bigger case.

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