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Lighting HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by phishisgroovin, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. hey...this is my first time growing so i am only growing 2-3 plants. currently my plants are germinating but once they do then straight to the soil. i have a philips 150 watt Clear High Pressure Sodium Bulb will this work?? also do i need to put them in a certain fixture to make sure that i don't start an electrical fire or blow the bulb at all?? any suggestions on what i need to do with my lighting b/c all i have is the bulb no fixture yet to put in??
  2. yea..you need a ballast and such for your hps...a 150 watt is ok for 3 plants..you could definitaley use more though, it would help, but if thats not feasible with your financial situation or what not, 150 watts hps can work with 3 plants..just dont expect the king of yields.:)
  3. to answer ur question yes you need a special ballast for the hps there like 49 dollars here in az.

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