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  1. I recently brought in a few plants that sprouted up on my poarch from dumping mountains of seeds off it. I have about seven, very small, plants about 2-4 inches. I went and got a 42 watt, 2700 lumens, florescent light bulb. It is about 6 inches above the plants, i put the plants in miracle grown potting soil in some cups. Is this light going to work? My plants dont seem to be growing fast at all, I also put a fan on them at a decent distance. If you have any advice help me out.
  2. the light is more like 8-10 inches away from the plants though
  3. Your light is going to need to be a lot closer, like two or three inches away. You're also going to need a lot more lights for seven plants.
  4. Agreed w/ the amount of light needed. The li'l ones are probably recovering from being transplanted, and will begin to grow once they establish themselves in their new home. Party cups won't be big enough for long, so you should start accumulating bigger pots. I'd say 10" at a minimum and 5 gal. buckets would be ideal.

    Unless you're going to spend big bucks on hid lighting and build a dedicated grow room or big-assed closet, you're not going to be able to grow 7 plants to maturity. I'd give the babies a week or two to get settled and then force them to flower to determine which of them are girls. Hopefully (well maybe not) that will reduce your plants to a more manageable number (like 3-4 plants).

    What ever you do, you WILL need more light. In a fairly confined space with good reflection, you should be able to grow a few plants under CFLs...just a bunch more. I'm using around 225 watts of lights (CFL and HPS) and can grow 1-2 plants really well with no stretching or noticeable deficiencies in my 3.125 cubic foot grow box.


  5. Buy a few more of those 42w bulbs.(Always check yardsales for lamps too).I mix mine a bit.I have some of the 24" undercabinet flouros with daylight tubes and some 23w cfl bulbs.You can see the tubes are almost blue compared to the reddish yellow of the bulbs.Let them put some roots down and transplant to bigger pots.Dont overwater ,watch the soil and get used to feeling the difference in weight from dry to watered.Speaking of soil, did you say you had them rooted in Miracle kill err...i mean grow.I hope you still have the bag.Check it, if it says nutrients added or time release ferts then you might have a problem.Most seedlings start themselves with enough onboard nutes to carry themselves thru a week , maybe two before they start drawing from the soil.This is when they get way more than they want and make you sad.Dont get me wrong , some plants have done well in MK...err.i mean MG.But my personal opinion is it kills more plants than the D.E.A. ever has.Read around the forums a bit and you will do fine.

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