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  1. I have a 5 ft grow box made , 2 fans and everything I need soil wise to start growing , just don’t have good lighting yet , I have a box of tube lights 48 inches in length , just don’t have anything to connect them to , so am wondering if A I can make a fixture for it or where I’d be able to buy one , Any help is appreciated thanks guys

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  2. They're not LEDs. They're Fluorescent tubes.

    You can buy the fixtures for them at most any
    hardware store.
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  3. Flourescents require a ballast. Walmart will carry the fixture for 15-25 bucks, depending if they are t8 or t12. Good luck sir! Hope you start soon.
  4. Sorry didn’t mean to say led, thanks for the help
  5. Alright awesome , I’ll check it out online right now. Do you think I’m better off going with 2 lights in a grow or just getting a grow light for $80-90? Thank you!
  6. I've done a really decent veg with five sets of those four foot 2 bulb fixtures. Me personally I would try to get a grow light, because those ballasts in the cheap fixtures like to blow the capacitors in the ballast. I replaced all five fixtures at least once,(Walmart free replacement) so I would advise something other. Buuuuut if you don't get the cheapest fixtures, they should be more durable .
  7. I’m a first time grower so I feel like a grow light would be a lot easier for me from what you’re describing , and I’ve used those in my garage and they break occasionally so I’d rather get it done right , I appreciate the advice . Do you know of any good priced grow lights on the market? Looking to spend $50-$85 , then have to have a little left over to get some panda wraps. I think I’m gonna go with the grow light, Thank you for the help
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  8. Honestly, lighting is the one thing you want to spend a little cash on, cheap soil will work and the cheapest nutrients will grow a plant, lighting is the single most important thing when it comes to this. If you can, spend what's absolutely possible on the light .I'll send a couple suggestions

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