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    Hey guys, first off I wanna start off by saying that I have not grown before ever so I am completely new to this (although I have done some research). So, I am currently in the making of a "DIY" grow tent - which is based on the size of a (cardboard) box for a PC case (I will "Hide" the tent inside this box!). Whilst I am not currently at work on it, I was thinking about where to put the lights, since the time is coming to make the attachments for them.

    Before we go on to this I wanna know what you guys think of my lights that I currently have. I was originally going to buy something similar to this:

    However I did find a 20 Watt CFL bulb and a 50 Watt hallogen bulb lying around. Is this sufficient for a first micro grow? Even though I know you guys will still say something like "Its best to throw as many lights in as you can", I just want to know if these will do without the LED, even thought I will probably still get the LED (If recommended?)

    Alright, now the placement. Where do you guys feel that I should place these bulbs? -with the led and without :)

    Thanks In advance

    The CLF has a little reflector I made from a beer can

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