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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by chevyman, May 11, 2011.

  1. ok i currently have three nice 1000 watt air cooled lights already working in my grow room . this is my first grow and things have gone pretty good . my question is would it be benificial to add two 4ft 8 bullb t5 fixtures on to the two side walls of my grow room for a total of four 4ft 8 bulb t5 fixtures in addition to my 3 1000 watt lights i already have ?? if my figures are correct according to what i read this should give me 80000 more lumens on each side wall for a total of 160000 lumens not counting my 3 1000 watt hid's .is this worth doing ? will i see a difference? any advice is appreciated .
  2. Are you kidding me? If you have 3000 watts of HID lighting going on, and THAT isn't enough? Wow.
    At the end of the day, if you feel like the plants at the edges of your space aren't thriving as much as you wish, then def do it. Those t5's should throw a good amount of light for the ~24inches of penetration from their source. It'll definately help boost the smaller bud sites for the plants closest to it. Obvioulsy you aren't worried about cost or your electricty bill as much as you are about the overall potential of your grow.

    Do you think T5's are a better option over another hid light or perhaps putting 2 or all of your lights on motorized moving tracks?
  3. well believe it or not my power bill only went up like 60 bucks for the month of veg so all im really concerned about is heat .
  4. hard to say without knowing how big your room is. number of plants etc.

    are your lamps super.... as in are they blue too. if they arent full spectrum.. then adding in some t5s in blue would be very beneficial.
  5. You have all 3 of your 1000w lights enclosed in an airtight aircooled setup?
    Are they daisy chained as one continuous vented output? Or 3 separate cooling setups, 1 per light.

    I know each setup for a room varies your final results, but have you ever tried to see what temp your room stays at with one light? Then see how much the temp raises with two... and then the third?

    If with one light say your room is 70, then with 2000w it pops upto 75, and then the third brings it upto say 82, it's a fair assumption to guess your temps would continue to rise on an arc if ya made an old school graph chart per 1000w rig, that they would peak at 91. But, I hope you get what I'm saying in trying to guess where your temps would rise to if you went with another 1000w light.

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