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  1. Hey,

    I'll start at the begging I'm growing 2 autos, in a rdwc, and I've got the lights for vegging and cloning covered but need help on a a good light for flowering I can pick up locally like at homedepot, lowes, hardware, store,

    I don't have the money to drop$ 500 on a system, but my budget is around $250 for some decent flowering light's, any suggestions is greatfuly appreciated, thanks guys !!!!.
  2. Old school HPS can be bought used on craigslist for pee nuts
    or a 250w HPS at home depot for 2 plants is easy

    good luck
  3. HD has a 1000watt Sodium grow light for right at 200 clams but that is a bit of overkill for 2 autos.
    If your veg lights are good enough you can likely flower under them if you kept an even playing field.
    T5 high outputs would do it but they'll have to be close and you'll only have a 12 inch actual effective range. Below that and it'll be fluffy.
    Seen it done in a field of green setup where he didn't have any head space. 4 foot crawl space under a house.
    SOG = Sea of green Usually done with lots of plants and a very short veg.
    Screen of Green
    Even a mature plant can be bent , folded, and forced to conform to your grow.
    List what you have for lights, put up pictures of the plants and we can toss more ideas around.

  4. Hey, guys thanks for the reply, and as soon as I get home I'll post up pic of the bulbs and stats, and I'll trust your all judgments, like I said I had friend gave me most of the stuff I have minus the couple bulbs I found on sale which I will include in the pics, but I do greatly appreciate the help.
  5. Maybe add a 250hps to what ya already have or use the ones ya do have for some side lighting hps lights are so cheap these days even I bought one lol good luck n all the best

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  6. Hey,

    Sorry it took so long to upload work has been killing me, but I got 2 tubes, 2 of the 300watt led bulbs, 8 of the smaller site led bulbs, 2 of the green led bulbs, 4 of the 150 watt has lights, 4 spotlight style led bulbs

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  7. Pics of specs

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  8. Also where do you get those 1 to 2 bulb T's at? Lol I can't find them no where.

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