lighting, heat stress and tent/room temps

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  1. Ok so I have learnt a lot of things during my first grow. (a few weeks off finishing) One thing I have learnt is that a 600w hps gets hot! I know ur thinking "no shit". I actually desired a fair bit of heat as im growing in winter here and the light actually keeps my tent on the lower end of the desired temp range so I run it with no hood. I have come to realise that the temp of the tent and the heat radiating off the lamp are two very different things. The temp in my tent is low but I have to have my lamp much further then 18 inches away or my girls complain and curl their leaves up. I have since put a small clip fan in the tent blowing directly onto the light. I think perhaps next time I grow in winter I will use a cool tube or ducted hood and invest in a small bar heater to heat my tent instead. I am interested to know peoples thoughts on this subject and what do you do to maintain ur temps without stressing or burning ur ladys hair do's?

  2. Check out cool tube reflectors my temps used to be crazy had to have 2 cold air intakes now my temps are perfect 26 to 28 every day with no cold air intakes best 30 pound I ever spent

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  3. yeah ok, my tent temps are actually cool, its just the heat radiating thats an issue, but yeah it might be the way to go, the tubes seem to have shitty reflectors, perhaps a hood is better?
  4. For those who are tired of my posting this, my apologies, but I believe it is a valuable addition to grow technology. The bottom line is that plants under high temp need very high humidity (70%+) to keep from transpiring too heavily. For example, according to the chart, 96 F is ok if the humidity is 80%. Good tent air movement will keep bud rot at bay. You might be able to make it through the summer with this.
  5. Thanks! I am just trying to make it thru the winter! lol. I have been keeping humity low because im am deep into flower. (55%) perhaps I could let it creep up a bit as the grow tent temp is probs max 25degC
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  6. I've flowered in the 60s and 70s without problems. But I use hydro and clay pellets, not dirt.
  7. I am in hydro as well, I think I will let the humity raise a bit. Its a relative concept and as my room temp is cooler it probably can b a bit higher. Thanks heeps for ur input!

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