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lighting girls up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by matteothefart, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. i went to this party and this hot girl kept asking me to light the pipe for her, i know in the beginning its a bit hard to hold, inhale and light at the same time... but do girls take advantage of guys when they ask you to spark them up?
  2. No. No "they" don't.
  3. your thinking to hard.
  4. Ask her to spark your lighter next time in return for the favor ;)
  5. well i'm a bit pissed at some other girls at the party, two chicks were sitting on the laps of these two guys and they kept telling my friend to pass them their drinks... i laughed and told him to say fuck off ... why don't you ask your boyfriend or your man whore you're on top of... he ignored me knowing that i hit the nail on the head...

    yea, i am overthinking it... i've hung out with this girl before and had heart-to-hearts with her before, she hasn't friend zoned me.. but she hasn't shown much interest anywhere else... i'm just someone that will listen to her talk... and i'm just trying to figure out if i'm at her disposal
  6. If she ain't givin tail you can hop on the boat of fail.
  7. who are you? some pick up artist genius?

    tell me your secrets
  8. Alcohol.
  9. You said it man. You have heart-to-hearts and you listen to her talk. You were in the friend-zone before you even tried not to get in the friends zone. Take it from someone who knows bro. Very few chicks wanna hook up after that threshold has been passed.
  10. "Tackle drunk bitches"
  11. lol, she was kinda strong for a girl, i saw her drink 3 beers in about 20 minutes then she smoked some beasters and she smoked some dank... girl still looked like she could pass a sobriety test...

    crazy bitch drove home with her girlfriends that were also drunk...
  12. For some reason when I think of your name I think of "and then he played ping pong with his own ding dong". I could have sworn I heard that in a song.
  13. FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, but this is high school man, girls are very gullible at this age... right?
  14. look at his sig!

    damn stoner!
  15. For sure man. But in reality, every girl is different. I can sit here and talk all night about my experiences, but in reality, yur home girl could want yur nuts. Don't trip man. Whatever you do, just don't feel disappointed when you get the "I dont want to ruin our friendship" line.
  16. LMAO either I'm really high or that wasn't there before. Stoner moment.
  17. That's not much at all...especially if she's experienced with both.
  18. i did get rejected a few nights ago... i walked up to this girl i used to flirt with occasionally to see if it would still work and she just told me her friend left, and ditched me in the rain.... i was kinda of shocked, but it was good to know that i didn't have to worry about some chick liking me... sort of a relief....

    i'm gonna keep trying though, if i get rejected 'oh well'.. life goes on... i've heard guys say this shit a million times, but now i know first hand that it isn't the end of the world...

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