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  1. Hi,
    I realize this forum is mainly for growing weed, but there is no equivalent forum for growing vegetables indoors....  I am a cancer patient in remission trying to find a way to grow some healthy fresh vegies in the winter.
    Can someone please tell me if either of the following lights would be enough to grow one cherry tomato plant or one mini bell pepper plant?
    1. a 4 way socket loaded with 4 100 W equivalent standard CFL's
    2. A metal wing type reflector with a 250 watt CFL "grow light"
    3. Same as two above but in a 150 watt version.
    If you know the answer to the above for sure please tell me and if not can you give me your best guess?
    Also, About how many of the above two plants do you think I could grow under a 600 watt HPS light? I was thinking of two cherry tomato and three mini bell pepper?
    Thank You !

  2. Hey carlrob3 Glade to hear you are in remission. I have grown lots of vegetables under a 600 watt hps you can grow what you are asking and more under that. I prefer growing determinant tomatoes indoors just like an indica they stay short. your lower light requiring herbs do great on the outer edges too. when i made the switch to LED i switched in my vegetable too. I like greens so i use mainly blue and white light. I never cared much for cfl so i really can not answer your questions there.   
  3. I would have to agree with Brada here. LEDs are keeping my ghost peppers alive during the winter. They aren't even under direct light and are growing. Peppers are in the back.
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    I have a friend who is a cancer survivor growing kale and swiss chard under LED lights. The wattage needed to grow certain veggies can vary.
    There are many advantages to growing with LEDs. Lower power requirements due to their efficiency and low heat output. Some LEDs can be tailored to have certain wavelengths of light augmented to boost beta-carotene production.
    Hope this helps,

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