Lighting for my white widow

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  1. As a new grower i have over analyzed every phase of my plants growth from the day i germinated it. It is currently week 4 from seedling and my plant is roughly 10 inches tall with 5 leaf sets. Im using a 36sq inch square bucket for my hydro grow the square chamber up top filled with clay pebble medium and the bottom chamber filled with about a 2 gallons of nuted water. It gets an hour of water every 2 hours from a simple pump system.

    my question to you is...
    my light is 375W MH that my dad used for coral growing it has 1 175W bulb on each side about a foot apart from one and other. My grow is about 18-24 inches below. Should I keep it lower from the light under both bulbs for 375W total or only use one side (175W) and benefit from being able to move the plant closer to the light.

    Also, I am LSTing my plant to the side of the bucket i am growing from. However, i am worried because some of my new side leaf shoots are on the bottom side of the stem and the ones on top are thriving. Do i need the shoots on the bottom to come up for a proper LST or am i only looking for one shoot per leaf set?

    Lastly, I have noticed the large leaves on my older sets are beginning to curl downward like its dry, the way rhodadendron leaves do as fall approaches. Is this something to worry about? I have already turned my fan down. The tips of some of my leaves appear blackish gray and some of the veteran leaves started this way and then turned a little yellow and dry/crisper. any ideas? My dehumidifer is old school but about what % humidity should i be looking for during veg as compared to flowering?
  2. As you can tell, this is my first post so I'm not a pro but I would suggest using both lights and put one directly above the plant. Put the other one off to the side and use some type of reflector to direct the sun towards the plant to get all the light you can. Someone with the know may come along and say I'm wrong but I'd suggest that for your lighting.

    Why only one plant?
  3. My space is limited and i only have 3 more white widow seeds left i wanted to grow one and have it under my belt before i planted the other 3. Rather fuck one up than all 4 at the same time. Also it is more for my personal use than anything else and because i am lsting im hoping to wind up with at least 5 ounces which is plenty of one strain for now. I may decide to keep mommy alive and just use her to produce clones if she turns out really healthy.
  4. Makes sense to me. I am planning on getting some ww seeds soon. It's my favorite strain for sure. Will be my first complete indoor grow.
  5. 60 - 65% RH for veg and 50 - 55% for flower

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