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  1. I'm planning a closet grow room to start up this month and planning on either 3 or 6 plants for it. I know theres already alot of information about lighting and what not on this website, but most of what I've seen has been a bit too confusing for poor ole Shroomopotamus here or been talking about light for a bigger area.

    Say I do 3 plants and I'm using CFL lightbulbs, how much wattage do yall think would be necessary? & for six im assuming I would just double and spread them out evenly?
    Also, while on the topic, how high above the plants should they be? Would the height of a different kind of bulb be placed any higher or lower?

  2. According to what i've read so far, 100watts for the first plant and an additional 50 for each so you're looking at about 200w, and more wouldn't hurt. CFL's can be close, up to an inch away from the plants but always check to see if they are burning.
  3. i agree 100 for the first then 50 + for each plant after the first
    at least thats the rule i go by and seems that alot of other people
    do to
  4. sounds good, shouldnt at all be a problem then.
    had no idea they could get so close either, thanks.

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    The light falls off fast and doesn't penetrate the foliage like other. Not to mention the bulb doesn't get hot. Just that ballast at the base of it.
  6. i love this site ^_^

  7. actually, one last question about CFL Lightbulbs.
    On amazon the title for the bulbs im looking at says this
    "GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM - 8 Pack - 60 watt replacement"

    What I don't understand is, are these 13 watt bulbs or 60 watt? I dont think I've ever had a CFL lightbulb for anything ever.

    Here's the link - [ame=] GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM - 8 Pack - 60 watt replacement: Home Improvement[/ame]
  8. look for 26watts that = 100watts. you would need 16 13watt to make 208watt.
  9. how can 26 = 100 if 16 13~watts only make 208.
    13 is half of 26. .. incredibly confused now & i cant tell if your fucking with me or not.

  10. 8 26watts bulbs would be 208watts
    16 13 watts blubs would be 208watts
    That why i said LOOK FOR THE 26watts bulb at 6500k for veg

    the 13watt blubs are small and you need more of them to get to 208watts
    look for the 26watts bulbs 6500k

    when you go to buy the box of lights they should say
    13watt bulb will replace a 60watts bulb
    26 watts bulb will replace a 100watt bulb
  11. he's for real bro.

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