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  1. I dont dont access to T5 or sophisticated lights that r designed for cloning.
    I have read online that I can use regular cfl lights for clones.
    I have this;
    On the lamp it says 60 watts- warm light. Is this good? Is it enough for like 10 clones? Should I buy one with higher or lower wattage than this?
    Also, is 18-6 schedule absolutely necessary for clones? I have read that 24/7 lighting would make them not root.

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  2. I clone under 24-0 and have for years so that is bull shit.
    I clone under 4 25 watt daylight CFLs so that is enough for the job.
    Domes off for the picture.

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  3. I use a 9-15w CFL warm red, to stimulate the hormones
    its constant heat and moisture is what they want

    I too go 24/0

    good luck
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  4. Can I ask you guys what is the distance between the lamp and the top of clones?
  5. What is the distance between lamp and the clones?
  6. maybe 6 inches at best

    If I don't have active clones in 10-14 days I restart

    I use honey over clonex anytime / true

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  7. Tnx brother
  8. Jasem, can I ask if you are meaning actual honey? If so , is it applied as you would a typical rooting solution?

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